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We provide construction, installation and maintenance of innovative communications technology – including cable and telecom – to commercial partners of all sizes throughout the southeast. We take on projects that span both multiple states and single municipalities and have the experience and expertise to successfully complete and maintain these endeavors. We also work with dozens of subcontractors on a weekly business, and Cable East combines loyalty and trustworthiness to both the customer and sub-contractor to produce ideal results.

Our commitment to safety is also a crucial pillar of that success.

Whatever your needs, through our experience, contacts and dedication, we can provide the solutions you seek.

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Cable TV

Cable East Inc., built its reputation on Cable TV and has been a partner to some of the region’s largest providers, including a thriving relationship with industry leader Comcast. And no matter the advancements and changes in cable technology, we have been at the forefront, ready to lend our expertise and help drive installation projects forward – no matter the size or situation. We make it our goal to provide for all eventualities, and our relationships within the industry will help advance your needs, no matter the project.

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Few sectors have seen the technological advances of the telecom industry over the past 40 years – and Cable East Inc. has been there every step of the way, providing the kind of construction direction and insight that has helped lead the Southeast into the digital age. Modern telecom continues to innovate at a rapid pace, and Cable East makes it our business to understand and learn how best to utilize each progression. That is why we have been so busy with installation and direction of 5G cellular projects throughout our region. Our past experience and forward thinking, combined with our relationships and manpower offerings, allowed us to take the lead on a number of interstate and intra-state installation projects in places like Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. And we will be ready for the next round of developments when they are unleashed by an ever-evolving industry.

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Special Projects

Not only can we handle installation of a whole range of telecommunications technology, we are also ready to step in and provide project management for jobs of all sizes. We are happy to step in and provide leadership and guidance on any project. In fact, we have put significant effort into honing this side of our business, and we are happy to step in and provided needed guidance wherever needed. Thanks to our contacts and relationships within telecommunications and the cable industry, we can make things happen – and in the most efficient and safest manner possible.

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Fiber Splicing

At Cable East Inc. our Fiber Splicing Division is committed to exceeding industry and customer standards. We provide a full range of services including fusion splicing, equipment installations, testing and emergency maintenance. Whatever the size or parameters of the job, our goal – always – is to provide quality services at a competitive price.

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At Cable East Inc., we take pride in providing our clients with exceptional customer service while delivering a quality product on time. Your work is our work, and our primary goal is the success of your project.

Thanks to more than 30 years of engineering and design experience, Cable East Inc. offers a wide range of engineering and design services to the communication and utility industries.